Unravel the Mystery, Foreword by Francisco Contreras, M.D.

Ignorance is the stronghold of cancer.  Fear is its fuel.  For the majority of people, cancer is one big frightening mystery; and people think that it is genetics or bad luck that will determine whether a person will be diagnosed with a malignancy or not.  That cannot be further from the truth.  As a practicing integrative oncologist of thirty years, I am asked multiple times a week why more people are being diagnosed and dying from cancer every year.  There is a cloud of confusion.  This book thoroughly unpacks cancer related issues in a way that provides clarity about what to do to prevent cancer or reverse it.

I have been honored to treat tens of thousands of people facing cancer over the last three decades and my patients have taught me more about cancer and beating it than the textbooks ever did.  I have found that the three most important things you need to beat cancer, and all other diseases for that matter, are:

1.     Knowledge

2.     Faith

3.     Healing Foods


Most people diagnosed with cancer are never told that the positive contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy for advanced stage cancer is only two percent.  Most patients are never informed by their oncologists that chemotherapy has been proved effecting in less than five percent of all cancer types.  Here is another fact people don’t know.  Only two percent of all women who have breast cancer have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 cancer gene.  That means that genetics has nothing to do with ninety-eight percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Power to beat cancer comes by getting the correct information about the disease and treatment options.

Knowing that conventional treatment offers little hope for advanced stage cancer is a start.  Then you need to acquire the information of natural therapies that can help.  This book will give you a foundation of knowledge to understand everything that assaults our health and how to protect yourself from the attacks.  It will provide information that will help you build a cancer free lifestyle.


The immune system is the most important defense against cancer.  If the system is working perfectly, it is virtually impossible to get cancer.  Researchers have mapped out the relationship between a person’s thoughts and their immune system.  From the moment of cognition, signals are sent to the hypothalamus, the pituitary glands and then the adrenal glands that release hormones into the bloodstream that will either boost or depress the immune system.  Positive thoughts and emotions bolster the immune system.  Negative thoughts and emotions break it down.  Though much is know about the mind—body connection, science has been unable to explain what happens pre-cognition.  Little is understood about the spirit and its impact on physical health.  As a Christian oncologist, the Word of God speaks to me in an amazing way.  When I read Proverbs 4:23, I take it literally.  Your heart is the wellspring of life.  If your spirit is healthy, living water will flow and stimulate your mind to have healing thoughts. Positive thoughts will improve the physical heart’s function.  If your spirit is conflicted, your wellspring will have stagnant water that will produce harmful thoughts. The physical heart will suffer.  Please read this next line carefully and take note that it is an oncologist making this statement.  Spiritual fortitude is the most powerful anti-cancer element at your disposal.  Faith in God will overcome the fear of cancer. Prayer is not the last resort; it is the first line of defense.

Healing Foods

The human body is the pinnacle of God’s creation.  It is the only entity that was created in His image.  Scripture states that your body was fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).  Its divine design came complete with an instruction manual of the restorative fuel it requires.  Everything God told us to eat has nutrients that boost the immune system, protect the DNA from mutation and provides energy while reducing inflammation.  All of the foods that God told us not to eat depress the immune system, feed cancer cells and rob the body of energy while provoking inflammation and pain.  Cancer prevention and reversal depends on what you feed your body.  That is why the third section of this book is critical for you to embrace.

There is a clear ministerial calling on the Malkmus family and Ann has the spiritual gift of teaching.  The wisdom contained in this book will change the quality of health and life you can experience as well as your generations to come. Read it, live it and add years of joy to your life and the call on it.

Francisco Contreras, MD is the director and chief of oncology at Oasis of Hope Hospital and the author of many books including 50 Critical Cancer Answers. www.oasisofhope.com