Introduction to the Book

What an incredible body!

Have you ever wondered just how the body really works? How does everything just . . . happen? The millions of processes that are running simultaneously without you ever having to give it a conscious thought.

-The heart beats effortlessly around 100,000 times, pumping 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels each and every day. No effort required, and you can’t stop it by your thoughts no matter how hard you try.
-The lungs just automatically inflate and deflate bringing in 2,642 gallons of new oxygen into the body every day while expelling carbon dioxide. And it’s doing this while continuing to pump blood.
-The skin feels, the eyes blink, the ears hear, the brain thinks, the kidneys and liver cleanse, the colon – well it does its thing – all without any effort.

So many bodily functions all taking place simultaneously in perfect harmony without any support or assistance needed by the person – You.

When you cut your finger the body immediately responds. Blood is rushed to the area to help cleanse the wound. Then the blood creates a scab that protects the area from the outside environment while the cells underneath begin the job of repairing. The body automatically starts to knit the skin back together knowing that it needs to fill in any gaps. As your cells multiply, nutrients and building blocks are carried to them through a blood supply that adapts to the particular size and shape of the wound. If blood vessels were destroyed, the growth of new blood vessels is spontaneously initiated to take their place, and they grow into the tissues within mere hours.

As the wound heals, the cell replication process is turned off. Your body’s cells know exactly when to grow and exactly when to stop, and when it’s all said and done, you’re left with a near perfect replacement for the skin you previously lost.

So if this self-healing is inherent to the body then why do we develop cancer? There are approximately 37 trillion cells in an average adult body. About 300 million cells die and are replaced each minute that’s over 400 billion per day. As these cells are dying and being replaced there are from time to time cells that malfunction and become rogue. It is estimated that the average immune system eliminates cell mutations and their development into cancer over 10,000 times per day.

The amazing part is that this intelligence is automatically built within each of us. Just like our body automatically pumps blood and breathes, it heals while replacing cells that have outlived their purpose or could cause harm.

If all of these processes are going on behind the scene then what happens that allows cancer to develop? Are we focusing on what truly matters when we discuss “cure”? Or should we really be asking, “What is the cause?” Maybe the “cure” is more easily found in the “cause.”

This book has been an interesting journey for me.

I learned first hand in the 1990’s that my body could heal itself when I overcame Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and fibromyalgia. After my recovery I became a nutrition enthusiast. I couldn’t get enough information. I studied everything I could get my eyes on. Eventually, I left my position as the Academic Dean of a college and ended up working for a company that teaches people how to use diet and lifestyle modifications to help their bodies heal.

While working for this company, I have seen some truly amazing things and I have had the privilege of working alongside many of the thought leaders in the functional medicine/alternative health movement. It’s been amazing to learn how the body truly works and how nearly all sickness is caused by nutritional deficiency and toxicity. I’ve also had the privilege to work with people around the world learning their cultural lifestyles and helping them understand that by making simple (not always easy) changes that they too can find healing regardless of the disease or severity. The humbling part of this is, each year when we return to that part of the world, the testimonies that greet us are indeed remarkable and miraculous!

Over the last several years, two members of our family were diagnosed with cancer. One was our nephew, a 26 year-old veteran from the Iraq war. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer after his return from Iraq. He was married and had children. He followed the principles outlined in this book. It is now 6 years later and he is alive and cancer free today and has 5 beautiful children.

The other young man was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma the end of his first year in high school and he was our son. He chose a different path, as he couldn’t embrace the information in this book. He struggled to incorporate it into his life even after he came to live with us at the age of 15. His path included the conventional approach to treating cancer. This is when we saw first-hand the devastating effects of chemotherapy as his primary caregivers.

He was able to go into remission two different times. Each time the cancer returned, he chose the conventional approach. By the third time the cancer returned, the conventional approach no longer was effective. As we reflect on his lifestyle, his eating habits, his frame of mind and exercise routine, we realized that as a teenager it is hard to believe that this disease can take you. Blind faith in what appeared to be a convenient method of killing the cancer (just go to chemo once a week and get a few weeks off before you do it again) seemed easier than drinking a lot of carrot juices and eating a lot of unsalted, unsweetened vegetables. We lost our 18-year-old son to cancer on July 2, 2011. He had graduated from high school just 4 weeks earlier. He had chosen a college and had talked of marriage.

About this book

Have you ever thought you knew a lot about a subject only to discover later that you hardly knew anything of the topic? That’s what happened to me in writing this book. I’ve understood for a long time the impact diet and lifestyle has on disease but it wasn’t until I started compiling the scientific research for this book that I put so many pieces together as it related to health and sickness in general but to cancer specifically.

The more I have studied, the greater appreciation I’ve gained for our magnificent bodies. I knew they were self-healing and that toxicity and deficiency were the primary causes of sickness and disease, but I didn’t realize the role that toxicity played in cancer specifically.

I was astonished by the amount of scientific studies that have been conducted and the associated research that is available directly linking certain substances to cancer. The evidence is undeniable and overwhelming. Why this information isn’t made more readily available is unconscionable. People need to know that so many of the things that they have put in and on their bodies for many years is actually responsible for the cancer they are experiencing today.

How does cancer develop?

The body’s job is to keep everything working in harmony; a perfect balance. When something happens that threatens this balance the body quickly reacts to neutralize the situation and re-establish balance. As long as the cells have all of the resources that they need, the body is able to fend off the many threats it might be exposed to on a day-today basis – viruses, bacteria, bugs, stress, and even some toxic substances like cigarette smoke. But when cells are not being fed with adequate nutrition the immune system starts to become lethargic, losing its efficiency.The body cannot continue to remove toxins and repair the body simultaneously.

Because of this sluggish cell structure the body has a weakened immune system that isn’t able to respond as quickly and effectively. Its power to protect and heal becomes compromised. As time goes on the body begins to fall further and further behind – too many stressors on the body without enough cell energy to continuously remove toxins and repair and rebuild healthy cells. This is when cancer begins to develop.

Cancer can take as long as 20 years to develop as the body gradually falls behind. Or, it could be triggered by a traumatic event that coupled with a weakened immune environment, is a breeding ground for cancer cells to develop. This event could be a divorce, loss of a loved one like a spouse or child, or it could be spawned by a move or loss of employment. In any of the above situations, the cells were in a weakened state allowing the disease to begin.

Once cancer has formed, the approach that tens of thousands have found successful includes flooding the cells with food that will make them strong and vibrant again while simultaneously identifying and removing those things that are causing additional stress – we call these toxins.

How do you give your cells the most energizing foods possible in a way that maximizes healthy new cell growth? This book goes into extensive detail on not just what to feed the cells but it also answers the why’s and how’s too. You’ll learn the superfoods and supplements that will enhance and support the immune system if you choose chemotherapy that will significantly reduce or eliminate the devastating side effects.

Are you considering incorporating some alternative therapies? The options presented here have been specifically chosen so they won’t cause harm to your body while working to attack the cancer cells and some of the methods will enhance your immune system.

Because toxin buildup plays such an important role in the formation of cancer a major section of this book identifies the toxins that may have contributed to a person’s cancer. Documentation for the damage these toxins cause is provided with recommendations for how to reduce or eliminate exposure entirely. In some instances information is even provided that will assist in the safe removal of these toxins from the body.

The information in this book is presented in a way that will help you connect the dots … what needs to change so the body will start healing itself of the cancer it is experiencing.

This book is for those who want to live. It is for those who are willing to place effort and faith in their own bodies. God gave everyone an incredible, self-healing body. We must not allow others to dissuade us of this extraordinary gift and fact.

As you read through this and observe the powerful testimonies of those who chose this approach, remember, you can do this too. Cancer isn’t a death sentence. Your body has the power and the capability to be healthy – you just need to do your part and give it what it needs so it can do what it does best – heal itself.

I trust you will learn as much from reading this book as I have learned from the research that has gone into its creation. May your minds be open to the wonders that your body can create!

“Nothing great becomes great without overcoming great resistance.”